7 Most Powerful PACs In U.S. Politics

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2. National Beer Wholesalers Association

The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) is a trade association that currently represents more than 2,800 beer distributors and over 130,000 employees in the United States. Last year, its political investment was ranked second in the entire country, which speaks volumes of its political agenda.

NBWA was established in 1938. Right now, it operates in every state and congressional district of the United States. The organization is committed to strengthening and maintaining an alcohol regulatory system to promote an orderly market; establishing a transparent and responsible alcohol distribution system to protect American consumers, and encouraging alcohol production, distribution, sales, and consumption. To achieve these purposes, it spends millions in Congress.

NBWA spent over $3,1 million in 2020. Over 52% was for Democrat candidates and the rest was for Republicans.

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