3 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Hunter Biden

hunter biden
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Who Is Hunter Biden?

According to the new memoir from his now ex-wife of 24 years, Hunter Biden, the only living son of our current President, always knew what are the benefits and advantages of being in a powerful family, but he deeply struggled with massive drug addiction.

He was always a target of scrutiny by the Republican party, ever since his father won the presidential campaign. Also, Hunter has been under federal investigation over multiple potential violations of tax and money laundering laws since 2018. Former President Donald Trump and his…followers have even alleged that Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, especially in China and Ukraine, might reveal a pattern of corruption.

Even if he publicly admitted he has done multiple regrettable stuff, both he and the president denied breaking any laws whatsoever. The younger Mr. Biden isn’t currently holding any position in government, and the White House has stated that it won’t get involved in what is to be considered private legal matters.

Even more, President Biden, who never ceased to show his support for Hunter, mentioned multiple times how “deeply proud” he is of his son. But we can’t help but wonder…who is Hunter Biden?

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