7 Forces In History That Explain Today’s Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Photo by Sebastian Castelier from Shutterstock

Will the Russians be able to take Kyiv in a matter of weeks or never?

Many argue nowadays that the Russian invasion of Ukraine might become a “frozen conflict”. But truth to be told, there are good reasons to believe that this might turn into Putin’s version of Stalin’s Winter War against Finland in November 1939.

Back then, the Red Army ran into a much stronger resistance than it had expected. And did you know that it was the Finns who invented the Molotov Cocktail, named after the Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov? The difference between now and then is that Stalin was actually able to order a second and bigger wave of Soviet troops in February 1940, which forced the Finns to accept his punitive terms. But now, Putin doesn’t have the needed power or hardware to do the same.

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