20 FALSE Claims Trump Used in His Announcement Speech

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As Trump announced only recently that he decided to candidate in 2024 and get back the Oval Office, we couldn’t help but notice the WAY he did so. His speech was full of false claims, which is about the same way he left us in 2021 if you think about it.

Well, we decided to talk about what’s real and what’s not in everything he said, and the list is, well…very long. Here’s part one, if you care to read about what’s actually real or not in his examples, and we’ll continue to dissect his speech in this article, as well. So click next to see more!

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10 thoughts on “20 FALSE Claims Trump Used in His Announcement Speech”

  1. I would love to see you dive this deep into statements from all politicians. I believe these “falsehoods” would be seen from all. They all take a small truth and stretch it as far as possible to sway the general public.

  2. 1) How many lies have you told?
    2) How many lies did Obama tell?
    3) How many lies has Biden told?
    4) How many lies has BLM told?

  3. Understand your article. Unfortunately, who can we believe these days. The President lies, the Democrats lie, the Republicans lie even worse, the Media , who are supposed to check out public officials, lie worse than all of them.

    It is difficult to know who or what to believe these days. The country is in a mess, and all the political people care about are fighting each other. The media is the worse, because they are too lazy to fact check properly and only spin their own political narrative. We deserve a fair and honest media.

    Thankfully I am near old age and will not have to put up for much longer how this country has lost its way. What happened to – Government by the people, for the people. Now we have Government by the few who want power for themselves, who give a damn about the people. God help us!

  4. Don’t stop here. Report the lies we hear daily from ALL politicians. The media refers to Biden’s lies as “gaffes” It’s insulting. As far as Kamala Harris, nothing she says makes any sense at all, yet the media never calls her out for either being drunk or just stupid and unable to answer a question. These are just a few reasons lots of Americans don’t trust the media. It’s time for you to remember what Journalists are supposed to do, and it’s not reading the teleprompter..


    1. Michael Edward McNamara

      This is the reason I no longer watch mainstream news. They do everything to maintain a narrative that allows them to remain in power(with the added benefit of getting all the money). Everyone knows gas prices have shot up. You don’t need to listen someone talking about it. We have proof when we went to the pumps. I guess they hope we’ll forget about that or something. I don’t know why they propose things that are so demonstrably false. If they want to get people to believe them, they need to stop lying.

  5. So, some of these ‘lies’ are not really lies at all, just this writer’s take on them makes them lies.
    For example, did gas go down to $1.87? Yes. Trump didn’t say WHY. but that’s not a lie.
    And NONE of Trump’s lies have cost the lives that Biden’s lies have.
    If you’re going to do this kind of thing, be thorough and be fair.

  6. As I read this statement I searched for anything they referenced as proof? I am still waiting for it. We dont assume that because you say something it must be true. What was the old joke told about politicians? How can you tell when a politician is lying?
    His mouth is moving. Old, corny but has become the standard by which citizens see their representatives.—— I, Grampa

  7. If your biggest problem is what he said about what docs were removed and stored by other presidents you need to graduate from the third grade.
    Who cares? The average citizen couldn’t care unless it undermines national security. Can you “fact” check whether it did or didn’t? Why don’t you make a list of all of the “lies” (or just plain demented and stupid) that Biden has, and will continue to make. Rest assured “20” will probably only cover last week. Since you like to make lists, I would love to see your list of all of the GOOD things Sleepy Joe has done for our Nation, and would hope you would start with the brilliant Vice President, unbelievably ignorant cabinet members, and of course don’t leave out Afghanistan, “foreign?” policy, no border problem, no energy policy, Bidenflation, week military, and so forth.

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