9 SHOCKING Facts You Would NEVER Guess About the Titanic

Photo by Boyan Dimitrov from Shutterstock

Titanic had more than one fatal flaw

You might have heard that one of the design flaws in the ship was that the airtight bulkheads weren’t completely sealed on top, which allowed water to flow from compartment to compartment, which sank the ship basically.

However, according to Scientific American, the ship was poorly designed in many other ways. The steel of the ship’s hull with the iron of the rivets fell victims to “brittle fracture”, as there were extremely cold temperatures, high sulfur content, and high speeds.

Due to this phenomenon, the steel shattered, and the rivets popped out easily, which sunk the ship 24 times faster than expected. As an irony, Titanic hit the iceberg head-on, instead of trying to avoid it. Why does it matter? Well, it is said that the ship would have likely stayed afloat.

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