5 CRUCIAL Things Joe Biden Could Learn From Jimmy Carter’s One-Term Presidency

Photo by Ron Adar from Shutterstock

Going all the way back on the evening of July 15, 1979, then-president Jimmy Carter gave his infamous “malaise” speech, where he was blaming Americans who were discouraged by the scary inflation and the energy crisis for losing their entire confidence in America.

Surprisingly or not, two months ago, Joe Biden gave a similar speech. While he sat down with an AP reporter for an interview, the president explained that the American people are “really, really down”, repeating himself: “They’re really down.

Their need for proper mental health has skyrocketed, as people have seen everything upset.” The same as Carter, Biden insisted that he wished Americans were more “confident. Because I am confident.” But because back then Americans didn’t share Carter’s confidence, and neither did we.

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