Top 9 Most Corrupt States

corrupt states
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If you think about it, the last three New York governors, which are all Democrats, have excited office because of a scandal, with Cuomo and Eliot Spitzer resigning and David Paterson refusing to run after replacing Spitzer. And let’s be honest, all this fuss makes you kinda think: Has anyone ever actually tackled the subject of the most corrupt states?

Because if the answer is yes, I think having three consecutive governors involved in scandals is quite an achievement for New York. So given the example of New York, maybe it’s about time we discuss some of the biggest modern offenders and the corrupt states they represent:

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45 thoughts on “Top 9 Most Corrupt States”

  1. There doesn’t seem to be any answer to these corrupt politicians. When they do get caught, they plea-deal or resign. Pennsylvania is especially greedy, in that they always divert the monies that are earmarked for seniors, road repairs, and schools. I will never vote for another Democrat again.

    1. Apparently your answer is an honest Republican like the trumpster. His business model was based on lies and corruption

    2. You are an Idiot,the most corrupt politician in the world is Donald Trump and the last time I looked he isn’t a Democrat. So yor either stupid ( my choice for you), or a republican that dosen’t know right from wrong.

    3. Sabina Tamburin

      You have to be kidding. Both the Dems and the Republicans have their share of crooks and grifters. The only difference I can see is that that most Dems usually resign and don’t try to run again while almost all the Republicans try to keep their seats, no matter how badly their corruption is showing or they even run again after conviction. Look at George Santos.

    4. Dash Fatbastard

      Corruption knows no boundaries. It crosses all political, spiritual, sexual, philosophical, and economic ties. We all got our bad eggs…it’s up to us to be good farmers, pluck them out of their nests, and crush them till their juices ooze out in the dirt with the rest of the chickensh!t 🙂

  2. We the Tax Payers have to live with it . The Politicians are the ones who make rules to benefit them. The longer they hold on to their their jobs ( sure the politicians never want TERM LIMITS ) the more money they can steal . If they loose their jobs ( lost the election ) there is another way to steal is become a lobbyist and steal again. Its never ending. Its a vicious cycle and we the tax payers are helpless.

    1. Don’t fall for that. Both major parties are corrupt within to some extent. I will acknowledge there is a union money problem within the Democratic Party. Big Oil/Petrochemical, Big Ag are Republican strongholds. FINANCE/ Big Pharma/Insurance industry has bought and paid for BOTH SIDES of the aisle.

    2. Kevin that is such a rude comment, I am a Republican and I find it offensive. Not all Democrats.
      There are plenty of Republicans that could fall in that category
      We are all sinking together

  3. not a big surprise……..left wing at that!!!!! NO SHAME THERE……….always putting the American people first………..FULL blown TOTAL LIARS.

  4. I totally agree with you on this subject!!! Term limits and being lobbyist. Those that oppose are very crooked people and have been for years. Its all about them and the money they steal and not about the regular person working 40 to 80 hours a week to take care of his family.

  5. They all drink from same trof they are all corrupt by accepting money from the special interest groups they have ruined our country

  6. Brian R Johnson

    Too much corruption in political hacks!!! When was the last time you saw an “honest” politician? The majority of them are “Carpetbaggers” from the Civil War era!! God help this country & God bless America! Why in the hell did I ever go to Vietnam to fight for this countries interest. We should have never been there in the first place due to our political leaders incompetence of getting us into foreign wars. I veel so sorry for the young men who fought over there & lost a limb or two as a result of our political leaders incompetence.

  7. When a politician gets caught being corrupt that person should be locked up.
    Term Limits can also put an end to this as well.

  8. Kassandra Miller

    I don’t know about money and polticians but the republicans took away my reproductive rights. At one point two men from churches in which women are second class citizens were running together and I saw a great slogan on a t-shirt. It said “keep your rosaries off my ovaries.”

    1. If you choose to kill your production that’s between you and God but you do not have the right to use my tax money to kill. Keep your legs closed.

    2. No one took away your “reproductive rights”, overturning Roe v Wade turned the decisions back to each state. You can still kill your baby in states that kept it legal.

    3. Nobody took away your reproductive rights, it’s left for each state to decide. Vote for politicians that support your issues, fight to change them or move to Another state

    4. You do understand that Roe v Wade fell because of Constitutional issues regarding states rights? Republicans are not the big right to lifers you claim they are, as a group. The heavy duty Pro Life forces are WHITE CATHOLICS and Black Christians WHO VOTE DEMOCRATIC. Think about it. Your state is where your abortion/ reproductive choice issues will be decided. You may discover this reality if you research. Be mad at Christians if you must, but the majority of people who oppose unlimited abortion on demand are in BOTH parties. As long as the majority of people in your state favor reeling in abortion’s use as post facto contraception, you will continue to see restrictions on abortion. Welcome to democracy—tge place where majority rule still rules!

  9. Denise Parsons

    This is sadly true, but if we Americans don’t go to Washington to protest these issues nothing will change!

  10. The days when politicians ran for office to represent their constituents are almost gone. Both Republican and Democrats are more self serving than their desire to serve the public. With that said, my fellow Americans please stop the madness about who’s worse, Democrats or Republicans. They sow division between us in order to remain in office. This is done intentionally and now they have Americans at each other’s throats about who’s the worst. As my son’s generation would say “peep game”

  11. “Many public office holders are being convicted of extortion and bribery every other day.”

    Please. You make a wild claim here and then cite zero evidence. Virginia has a record of one of the *least* corrupt states, despite the lack of campaign finance reform.

  12. New names given to the Republican party and Supreme court: GOP now GIP (Grand Insurrectionist Party) for supporting Donald John Drumpf (Trump) thee INSURRECTIONIST. SCOTUS now SICOTUS: Supreme Insurrectionist Court Of The United States for allowing the Insurrectionist Donald John Drumpf (Trump) to be on the ballot by passing the buck to Congress for making the decision instead.

  13. Texas ought to be on this list based on Paxton alone. He was elected Attorney General the first time while under indictment for securities fraud. Then he used his office to hamstring progress toward a trial. Then we was caught using his office to benefit a corrupt Real Estate operative crony who remolded his kitchen. After being caught he fired 4 whistle blowers in retaliation. They successfully sued and Paxton tried to get Texas taxpayers to pay for his judgement. The Texas Legislature balked and after investigating, found Paxton incredibly guilty. The House overwhelming voted to impeach. Then the real statewide corruption began as the Texas Senate found him not guilty – ignoring all the unchallenged evidence. To top it off, Paxton retaliated by funding primary opposition to every honest House member as well as Texas Supreme Court members who dared to rule against him.

  14. As a Veteran I vote for the one that was screw us the least.
    They’re all criminals and the best liars there are.

  15. Yes, ppl, but didn’t we vote them in could be that they been rigging elections for decades. I always wondered who voted Diane Feinstein in for her to serve 31 years. Same goes for other congressmen and representatives. We also to be blamed bc we allowed these politicians to commit crimes and didn’t pay attention
    what’s going on. We were happy somebody is going to be responsible for a job that we didn’t want to do. Yes, I know working hrs, taking care of children families, obligations, etc… Still we gave up our power to immoral politicians bc it was easier to blame somebody not doing their jobs. We’re all complicit in allowing to go so far. Like 9-11? Really ppl ? Maybe we like to be the victims after all.
    Yes, there is aplenty of blame to be found, but that doesn’t take away the facts that we were willfully ignorant, and asleep.

  16. Hit the nail on the head when assaulted 3 x 3 different city’s and states all required medical treatment to head then brain surgery hasn’t stopped the seizures no one charged but person Assaulted Charged twice without lifting a finger, what do you think about them opening up a liquor business just for you to close following day of hitting you over the head turning corner to the restroom who’s to judge the sister’s of real sludge & the little lucky Irish man can anyone anytime anyplace snakes & takes cake F.B.I.s FINEST FRAUD.

  17. Illinois sure ranks at the very top along with California and New York. They have at this moment in time the three most corrupt governors in the country two of them very very rich and one of them very rich because they have so much money and they buy of judges , they think they’re above the law because their state governments are so corrupt is the only reason they’re still there take Pritzker he’s been over there in South America using his money to Harbor illegal aliens that are coming into this country. Once they get into the country, he steals the Illinois taxpayers money, gives it to illegal aliens through many many sources, which cost the taxpayer many many dollars as the taxes in Illinois or the highest in the country, Pritzker should wind up in prison, but he won’t because he’s a scumbag that belongs to the one world order.

  18. I was a bit shocked that California is not on this list. Right about Democrats. I would never vote for D as they talk about democracy but their policies destroy democracy. The US is a constitutional republic- not a democracy which means mob rule. I do not favor mob rule! Neither did our founding fathers. Praise God for their wisdom and dedication to God.

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