Biden Decries The Rise In Mass Shootings

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Sadly, regardless of Mr Biden’s resolve, the Republicans in Congress do not share his vision for strengthening firearms-related legislation.

Two bills designed to bolster background checks on gun purchases have already passed through the House of Representatives but will likely see little support from Republicans in Congress. Another two bills that tackle domestic violence prevention and racial justice in policing face a similar fate.

It’s not only Republican opposition Biden will have to contend with as the National Rifle Association (NRA) are standing shoulder to shoulder with the Grand Old Party and have already called Biden’s proposals “ill-conceived” attempts “at restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners”.

However, regardless of the right’s and the NRA’s repetitive stance on gun laws, or lack thereof, Biden appears to have the public on his side as recent polling showed that 80% of Americans are in favor of expanded backgrounds checks on gun buyers.

And regardless of any opposition, Biden might face from gun-loving groups and politicians, he has already enacted new measures through an executive order targeting homemade guns, known as “ghost guns” because they are unregistered and untraceable, a move that does not need approval from Congress.

And although he will still have to talk loudly to be heard over the people shouting about their 2nd Amendment rights or some liberal ‘agenda’ to take guns away from red-blooded, flag-waving American’s, Biden certainly seems to be pointed in the right direction.

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