Biden Addresses The Issue Of Gun Control….. Again

Image By Rob Crandall From Shutterstock

And while the NRA protest any moves to limit access to guns in America, the other side of the fence are equally vocal in their protests that this is just not enough, despite the president repeating that very word in his recent speech.

The measures they want to see passed into law are a reintroduction of the ban on assault weapons, lifting an exemption on lawsuits against gun makers, and passing a nationwide red flag law.

The expansion of red flag laws, ones that allow family members or law enforcement agencies to ask state courts to temporarily block people from obtaining firearms if they present a danger to themselves or others, have seen positive results in the states who have adopted them, a reduction in the number of suicides being one of them.

However, despite the protestations of the gun control advocacy groups that not enough is being done, Biden does take this matter very seriously as his impassioned and emotional speech in the Rose Garden, backed up with devastating statistics, made clear.

Those statistic’s make for a terrifying read as Biden highlighted the fact that 316 people are shot every single day in the United States, with 106 losing their lives, calling this “ledger of violence” an “epidemic and an international embarrassment.”

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