8 Things Biden Achieved This Year for You (and Fails)

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Afghanistan withdrawal

Even if Biden’s decision to withdraw all remaining troops from Afghanistan was applauded by the majority of US voters, the way he took care of the withdrawal automatically led to all kinds of bipartisan criticism in Washington.

Even worse, it collided with his approval rating, which dropped below 50% for the first time since he entered the White House. The withdrawal had disastrous consequences for the US and Biden.

In fact, things got even worse, as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan for the very first time since 2001, after the initial invasion. The current administration was obliged to admit that the steps were miscalculated, after previously showing full confidence in the Afghan military.

Build Back Better dead in the water

When he entered office, he came with a lofty agenda on various issues, and he didn’t manage to gain the needed support from lawmakers, members of his own party included, for what he had planned to do. The president had signature legislation known as the Build Back Better Act, which stalled in the Senate. This is mainly thanks to moderate Democrats such as Senator Joe Manchin, who believed that a $1.75 billion climate and the social-spending bill would simply be too expensive.


Economists have debated for a long time over how much credit or fault should presidents get for the state of different aspects of the economy. Whatever the truth might be, it’s sure that voters think it’s Biden’s fault.

In December, the US inflation rate hit the highest level in almost 40 years. And since Biden hits the one-year mark, many Americans believe that the president is still not paying enough attention to inflation.

Also, 58% of Americans believe that he’s not paying enough attention to the economy.

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