8 Legal Woes Trump Still Faces

Legal Trump
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7. Trump’s Tax Returns

Ever since Trump descended that golden escalator and announced his first and ultimately successful run for the presidency, he has been telling all who would listen that he has no problem releasing his tax returns. However, like most things in Trump world, that was a complete lie, as we are currently in 2022 and he has still not released them. That all ended recently when the US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that ex-President Donald Trump’s tax forms can be released to a Democratic-controlled congressional committee.

Trump of course decried the decision, saying the Supreme Court had “lost its honor,” but that won’t stop the treasury department from providing the documents to the Ways and Means Committee which has been seeking access to his records since 2019. The clock, however, is ticking as it’s likely the committee will only have a few weeks to unearth evidence of any unusual or potentially improper accounting by Mr. Trump.

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