7 Infamous Arrested Politicians

Arrested Politicians
United States Marshals Service, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Larry Craig (cont)

Despite pleading his innocence, Craig was charged with interference with privacy, a gross misdemeanor offense, and a disorderly conduct misdemeanor. He would plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct on August 8, 2007, but would soon hold a press conference stating that he regretted filing the guilty plea. Craig made numerous efforts to withdraw his guilty plea but to no avail.

On September 1, 2007, Craig announced that he would resign from the Senate, effective September 30, 2007, but like with his guilty plea, he quickly changed his mind. His political career may have been over but his legal troubles were not as in 2014 he was ordered to pay the Treasury $242,535, after being found guilty by the Federal Election Commission of improperly paying his attorneys in this matter from his campaign funds.

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  1. Civilized people are supposed to pave paths for better future of everyone , regardless different racial background. because unity and honest lifts and builds a nation to be strong. while building a nation or a home or a relationship on corrupt minds and corrupt behaviors is like living in rotten homes that will eventually destroy your hopes.

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