10 U.S. Presidents Who Were Extremely Ill and Tried To Hide It

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  • Grover Cleveland – In his second term, Cleveland had jaw cancer. He publicly announced that he was going only on a fishing trip, but in fact, he was having a surgery performed by no less than six surgeons. The surgery took place on a boat, so he can meet the pretenses up. What’s even more notable is that in a clinical environment, that type of procedure had to be done in several hours. But on that boat, it was only done in ninety minutes.
  • Calvin Coolidge – Coolidge made a reputation of himself being extremely lazy and avoidant. However, some historians say that he was actually very depressed. Some people even believe that Coolidge was suffering after his son’s sudden death. Although no one knows exactly what happened, it’s extremely obvious that he tried to hide his pain.
  • John F. Kennedy – JFK was suffering from chronic pain, which became even worse after his World War II service, as he had to go through many surgeries. JFK suffered from many gastrointestinal issues, and it required plenty of years until he finally found out that he was suffering from Addison’s disease. One of the symptoms of the disease is hyperpigmentation, and some believe that to be the reason why JFK looked so healthy and tanned all the time.
  • Theodore Roosevelt – While Roosevelt didn’t suffer from any chronic illness, he came very close to death after an assassination attempt.

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