5 Politicians That Stupidly Destroyed Their Careers

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The world of celebrities is full of glamour. It is no wonder that celebrities are considered role models. However, behind the appearance of wealth, authority, and charm, there has been often a struggle between public and private life, ethical behavior or appropriate conduct.

Being in the public eye means constant scrutiny, Do’s and Don’ts, that often define the public relation, the career path, and even the private life of celebrities.

We see it all too often, scandals, gossips, even in the political arena. Politicians amongst all the celebrities are even more accountable as representative leaders. Nevertheless, they are sometimes involved in actions that ruin their political career. The sex gate is notorious amongst politicians.

Bill Clinton and Silvio Berlusconi can be mentioned for such scandals.

Even if they survived politically, there are some actions that really did ruin the career of some politicians. Here are some politicians who fumbled with their political careers.

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4 thoughts on “5 Politicians That Stupidly Destroyed Their Careers”

  1. You people just can’t give up on trashing Trump, can you? Well the truth is, without the cheating of the democRAT party, he would still be the President… How about you publish the 5 different ways democRATs cheated in Arizona’s Maracopa County? 96K votes from people who didn’t live at the addresses they voted from? 67K suspicious ballots that should not have been accepted? Supposedly 40 percent of republicans voted for Biden? 90K people on the voter registry in Michigan who are dead….

  2. I still call Donald Trump, President Trump! If he runs again he will have my vote. You would not have our country in the turmoil it is now thanks weak Biden!

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