Biden Decries The Rise In Mass Shootings

Image By twenty20photos From Envato

The numbers involved in mass shootings make for staggeringly bleak viewing, especially in 2021 (and at the time of writing this article). Just 109 days into a new year and already, there have been 147 mass shootings in the US, which is almost double the figures from the same period, January to April, in 2020 where there had been 85 (that’s an increase of nearly 73%).

The casualty rate is equally as troubling as 92 fatalities were recorded in 2020, whereas today 176 people have needlessly lost their lives since New Years Day 2021.

It also seems that every time there is breaking news about a mass shooting, soon after, there is a report of another. The most recent example of this is what happened after the events of March 16 when eight people, including six Asian women, were killed at multiple spas in Atlanta by a man armed with an AR-15.

Just two weeks later, and armed with exactly the same weapon, another man walked into a grocery store in Colorado and opened fire, killing ten.

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