Is Vladimir Putin Dying?

Putin Dying
Image by Rokas Tenys from Shutterstock

This isn’t the only footage of Putin seemingly displaying symptoms as there are many clips of him apparently having involuntary hand and leg tremors. It should be noted that these reports and claims of Putin’s ill health have not been made by medical professionals or backed up by any concrete evidence. Even US intelligence chiefs are largely skeptical about Putin being on the way out, with many attributing the footage of apparent symptoms of illness by pointing out that he is nearly 70 years old after all.

This begs the question. If there is no clear evidence that Putin is severely or terminally ill, why do media outlets still run these types of stories? One answer might be that this story appeals to western audiences who oppose Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and see him suffering from a terminal illness as some sort of cosmic karma that will bring an end to this unnecessary war sooner rather than later. The same applies to the many stories of an imminent coup in the Kremlin that will topple Putin once and for all.

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