7 Unexpected Things Trump Actually Got Right – Part II

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Restoring due process on campus

Back in 2011, the Obama administration issued brand new guidance to universities to guard against possible se*ual harassment or abuse. Many universities took this guidance as a sort of command to do away with due-process protections in any given se*ual-assault case.

A big majority of accused students lost these basic rights, knowing the charges against them. In fact, universities saved money by appointing the same official to start investigating accusations, determine guilt, and also apply punishment.

Emily Yoffe reported, for example, on the extreme unfairness universities inflicted on many occasions after the 2011 guidance, and the courts weren’t against it.

Students started soon enough to file and win lawsuits against universities because they were denied their due-process rights – according to one scholar’s count, 100 cases a year by decade’s end.

The Trump Education Department revoked the 2011 guidance and reaffirmed that sexual-misconduct accusations on campus should be dealt with using the same due-process rules that would apply everywhere else in American society.

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