The Most Powerful Female Politician in Each of the 50 States

Photo by lev radin from Shutterstock
  • Nebraska: Deb Fischer – Deb Fischer is the senior senator from Nebraska, and the first woman elected to a full term to represent Nebraska in 2012.
  • Nevada: Catherine Cortez Masto – Catherine became the first woman to represent Nevada and the first-ever Latina who got elected to the US Senate in 2016.
  • New Hampshire: Kelly Ayotte – Kelly was the first woman that served as attorney general of New Hampshire, and then she was elected to the US Senate in 2010 and served only one term.
  • New Jersey: Mary Teresa Norton – Mary Teresa Norton was the first female Democrat that got elected to Congress and the first woman that ever represented New Jersey.
  • New Mexico: Michelle Lujan Grisham – She is the first Democrat and Latina in US history that served as a governor.
  • New York: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Alexandria became a household name when she managed to defeat Joe Crowley in 2018, and she also became the youngest woman that ever served in Congress.
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