Will Russia Allow NATO To Expand?

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No Problem, NATO!

As he spoke in the Grand Kremlin Palace, Putin read his short speech, which included NATO, and scolded the United States for creating their biological laboratories in the former Soviet Union. Putin added that Russia has valuable evidence that the United States had been trying to create components of biological weapons in Ukraine. The claim was denied both by Washington and Kyiv.

Besides the fact that NATO is still leading an “endless expansion policy”, Putin remarked that the alliance tries to reach far beyond its Euro-Atlantic remit, calling it a trend that Russia is carefully following.

Moscow said many times that NATO keeps on threatening Russia and Washington has been constantly ignoring the Kremlin’s concerns about the security of its borders in the West, which is the source of two devastating European invasions in 1812 and 1941.

Putin still insists that the “special military operation” in Ukraine is still extremely necessary, as the United States was proceeding on using Ukraine to threaten Russia through NATO enlargement and Moscow had to defend the Russian people.

Putin also said that he was given some kind of assurance, as the Soviet Union collapsed, that NATO would never expand eastwards toward Russia. He later added that the promise was a lie. The United States and NATO are still disputing that these assurances were explicitly given.

Kyiv and its Western allies are claiming that the persecution of Russian speakers had been wildly exaggerated by Moscow, as a pretext to provoke a war against a sovereign state.

According to NATO, the West alliance of 30 countries, including the former Warsaw Pact republics like Poland and Hungary, but also the nuclear powers such as the United States, Britain, and France, is made only for defensive reasons.

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