Here’s What Happens if Republicans Win the 2022 Midterm Elections

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Start many other investigations: Republican leaders should prepare to be under a huge amount of pressure, including from Trump, too. What would this pressure refer to?

Well, if they win, they are expected to use their brand new investigatory powers in the House and dig into everything that can be found in the Biden administration.

That might include the way he ended the Afghanistan war, which in fact also a couple of Democrats wanted to investigate, but also many other politically charged matters.

Some of these matters might include the famous FBI search of Mar-a-Lago, Biden’s new border policy, and perhaps even some investigations that might prove or not Trump’s false election fraud claims.

Perhaps even impeach Biden (or others): There are a couple of far-right Republican representatives that would vote without a second thought to impeaching Biden on the first day of taking over the House.

“I have repeated many times that President Biden should be impeached, especially for intentionally opening the border and making Americans less safe” as Republican Bob Good (R-Va.) declared.

House leaders of both of these parties might have a historical hesitation before deciding on such a drastic, time-consuming matter, especially since it might easily backfire on their party.

However, you can only imagine a groundswell of support in the Republican conference for preparing impeachment articles against the current President and his administration.

(The transgressions that might be named for impeachment, which are “high crimes and misdemeanors” are actually in the eye of the beholder.)

If you want to be more informed about this party and its wide history, you might want to try this book.

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