Vladimir Putin – The Polarizing Bear of Russia?

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Next year will see Putin’s political influence and power reach its third decade, and in that time there have been some highly questionable actions on his and his governments part, first and foremost, the murder of journalists who have been openly critical of him, most notably the ‘unsolved’ murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, and the assassination of political rivals, usually by means of poisoning as the recent events of the alleged poisoning of opposition politician Alexei Navalny have brought back into sharp focus.

The list of deaths among vocal critics is uncomfortably long and one that includes more than just journalists and an opposition leader. A former Deputy Prime Minister, oligarchs, lawyers and several former KGB agents can be counted among those numbers as well.

Putin himself remains unphased and unmoved by accusations of political skullduggery and his projection of strength remains as cast iron as it’s ever been.

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1 thought on “Vladimir Putin – The Polarizing Bear of Russia?”

  1. Putin was / is no choir boy. He now lives in a billion dollar palace with lavish gardens and secluded acreage. He leaves a trail of executed enemies and I would wager unlike the cowardly Clintons, he didn’t hire someone to do his dirty work. My guess is he has acquired much of his wealth from stealing. He is / was a thief, murderer and bully.

    That being said, he now promotes family, Christianity, a sovereign Russia. He loves his country.

    Russian military soldiers are encouraged to be heterosexual not homosexual like here in America. No red high heel marches for Russian troop and none of this insane transgender nonsense.

    Say what you will about Putin, but he always comes across with dignity and decorum unlike our womanizer Clinton, blustering big mouth Trump, queer, gay Obama, drunk at the podium Piglosi or senile pedophile Biden.

    Russia at the moment can be proud, they at least have a leader that acts like a leader. He’s not perfect but Vladimir Putin is a hell of a lot better than the traitors in DC that have sold our country out and are for the most part all sexual perverts, drunkards and cocaine addicts.

    I saw a picture of Putin as a young boy sitting on his mother’s lap. They are both rail thin and looked to be real Russian peasants. Vladimir Putin started out dirt poor. He had initiative, drive, focus and despite all the odds against him is now where he is at.

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