Trump’s BIG Announcement is a Total Dud

Trump's Announcement
Government of Florida, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Ever the strategist and savvy businessman, Trump had to come up with a surefire way to win back the support of those currently fleeing his side to put their eggs into the basket of Florida governor, Ron DeSantis who Trump is badly trailing in the polls right now. According to two polls from the Wall Street Journal a USA Today/Suffolk University, DeSantis led Trump 52% to 38% in the first and the second showing DeSantis up 56% to 33% over Trump.

Although DeSantis himself has not put for his candidacy yet, these polls have already had a marked effect on Trump as the many rants he has put out about “Ron DeSanctimonious” on his Truth Social platform unequivocally show this is getting under his skin. Unfortunately, his latest stunt to recapture the public imagination went from surefire in his imagination to backfire in everyone else’s. That ‘BIG’ announcement.

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