Top 10 Democratic Candidates for President in 2024

Democratic Candidates
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With the next Presidential race just around the corner in 2024, picking the nomination for the Republican party would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Two fish to be precise. The 46th and current governor of Florida Ron DeSantis whose support from the right is growing with every passing and, of course, the former President Donald Trump who wants a second shot at the White House despite being bogged down by several legal quagmires.

When it comes to the Democratic Candidates for President in 2024, the field is wide open. With Biden not exactly committing himself to run in two years time, and a recent poll showing that 26 percent of Democrats wanted Biden to be their nominee in 2024, while 64 percent preferred ‘someone else.’ But who might that ‘someone else’ be? Who are the other candidates standing at the start line waiting for the pistol to fire and signal the start of a new race to the Oval Office?

Here we take a look at the top ten candidates vying to be the next Democratic candidate to run for and ultimately secure the Presidency in 2024 in a battle most likely against Donald J Trump.

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18 thoughts on “Top 10 Democratic Candidates for President in 2024”

  1. I’m so glad you boys and girls in the billionairs club are having such a good time with the money from the less fortunate. Notice, I used the word fortune? When comes the time that we have respectable candidates that are there for the people? I don’t see anyone one either side of the isle. When will the grab ass games from the powerful who are truly bored from having so much? It will really be a boring time when no one can be there to torment and starve. Gentlemen and Ladies, I hope someday your pockets become full enough.

    1. Are you kidding ?? I hope we never again experience the corruption , disgraceful womanizing, the terrible damaging lies, and violence that we had previously experience during the Trump era. wich still have this country in such a divided turmoil

    2. Really you really thing FAT DONNIE THE CON MAN should be president again . he the biggest crook of all time .how much of a sucker are u . we don’t need a dictator

  2. Quite a list: A former barmaid.
    A current governor with the nations highest income tax, highest sales taxes, who was almost recalled, who just passed a pro-abortion law setting up an organization to help out women who wanted abortions but cannot afford them, and including/inviting teenage girls to visit those clinics without parental consent, and inviting teenagers from other states to come to California to get their abortions.
    A homosexual who would set one heck of historical first by being the first to live in the White House with his husband, and I now understand with an adopted child.
    A Vice President who doesn’t seen to know if she’s coming or going,or what day of the week she’s living in. And, with a popularity rating in the 20’s.
    A sworn socialist who has never had a job outside of “public service” and who is a sworn socialist who owns 3 mansions. Also, has a wife who was convicted of fraud when she was president of a college.
    And, finally, a good-for-nothing current “President” who does not know what he’s doing and how to run a country. Cannot get his facts straight when giving an off-the-cuff speech or interview, has the money printing presses working overtime making our money worth less and less, causing goods to be prices sky-high. AND, who has broken into our strategic oil reserves that are being saved for use in case of war or some other drastic emergency, and sold first 950,000 barrels of oil to China from the reserve, and then, very quietly sold another three million barrels to them. And who was the middle man in all of these sales? None other than HUNTER BIDEN.
    Democrats have an excellent list of candidates. Can’t wait for 2024 so I can vote for one of them.

  3. There are some good potential candidates here. I hope that Warren and Sanders don’t run as we’ve been there, heard that. Klobuchar, Buitegieg and Newsome would be strong, and Amy and Gavin have lots of good experience.

  4. I love AOC. I love her passion and her integrity. I love her kindness. There is too much cruelty and selfishness in America. She is a breath of light.

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