20 Things You Should Know About Joe Biden

Joe Biden
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It was 1973 when Joe Biden had first started working for the United States Senate.

On January 20th, 2021, he will officially become the 46th President of our country.

In such a long political journey, Biden has been confronting many challenges, while also scoring plenty of victories – the most significant one taking place on November 3rd, 2020, when he has won the Presidential elections to his opponent Donald Trump.

While some think his political experience will help him lead the country cleverly, others are doubtful regarding his capabilities. So who is Joe Biden really? Will he be the president we need in such difficult times?

Today, we’ll discover 20 things every American should know about Joe Biden.

#1: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. spent his childhood in Scranton, Pennsylvania, with his two brothers, parents and his uncle. The family’s financial situation was so precarious, they lived in a 1 ½ half-bath tract house; the three sons shared the same bedroom with their uncle.

#2: Biden has been struggling with a debilitating stutter throughout primary school, which made him the perfect target for bullies. He has overcome his condition and even became class president in his senior year at Archmere Academy.

#3: While attending the University of Delaware, he sprayed the director with a fire extinguisher, a prank which got him probation. During the spring break, he met Neilia Hunter, his future wife.


#4: When Biden met Neilia’s mother, she asked him what he dreamed of doing for a living. His response? To become the President of the United States.


#5: He married Neilia in 1966 and had their first son, Beau, in 1969. After just one year and one day, their second child, Hunter, was also born. In a 1970 interview, Biden said that he intends to keep his wife pregnant until they have a little girl because ‘the only good thing in the world is kids.’ One year later, the spouses welcomed their daughter, Naomi.

#6: Once he finished law school, Biden was drafted, but he failed the physical tests due to his asthma. He didn’t join the anti-Vietnam War protests because he reportedly doesn’t enjoy ‘flak jackets and tie-dye shirts.’

#7: At just 29 years old, Biden became the fifth-youngest person to have ever been elected to the U.S. Senate. He got involved in a public housing support initiative, a practice for which he received many racial threats from people calling him a ‘n—- lover.’


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#8: His Senate victory was followed by the most tragic event of his life: a tractor filled with corncobs struck his family’s station wagon. His wife, Neilia, and their one-year-old daughter Naomi, passed away on their way to the hospital. Sons Hunter and Beau were hospitalized and suffered from serious injuries. Biden was sworn into the Senate in the hospital room with Beau.

#9: After the event, he decided to stay in his Delaware home. This meant taking the 75-minute Amtrack train to Washington and back home every single day for 30 years, which he did. He even called the Amtrack crews his ‘family’ and had them invited at his home for barbecues many times.

#10: During the 1970s, Biden was actively involved in opposing the court-ordered school busing, an initiative designed for desegregation in public schools. At the time, he declared that he would prefer other desegregation methods such as housing and that busing should be voluntary.


#11: Joe Biden describes himself as a ‘gaffe machine’ when it comes to speeches. For example, one time he said he met 2018 Florida school shooting survivors during his time as vice president, when in fact he was no longer in office at the time. He also said he was shot at while in Iraq and later said he was only in the vicinity of where the shot landed.

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#12: In 1987, Biden ran for U.S. President for the first time. Shortly after joining the race, officials found that part of his speech were actually taken from British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock’s speeches, saying that his ancestors had worked in coal mines. That’s when he quit the race.

#13: One year later, in 1988, Biden started experiencing severe headaches for several weeks. He underwent surgery for a brain aneurysm; only three months later, he repeated the procedure for a second brain aneurysm.

#14: In 1994, he sponsored the Violence Against Women Act along with Republican Senator Orrin Hatch. This law offered $1.6 billion to investigate violent crimes against women throughout the country; it also allowed female victims to sue their attackers even if the prosecutors didn’t take criminal action.


#15: Joe Biden has been long known for his confusing speeches and spontaneous remarks expressed publicly. As then-Senator Barack Obama was listening to one of his speeches, he actually wrote in a note to his aide ‘Shoot. Me. Now.’


#16: Fast-forward to 2008, Biden ran for president again, but dropped very quickly after he came in fifth in the Iowa caucus. However, half an year later Barack Obama chose him as his running mate for the Office.

#17: In 2014, his son Hunter became a board member of Burisma, an Ukrainian energy company. Its owner was being investigated in a corruption probe at the time, and Hunter reportedly received monthly compensations of up to $50,000. Five years later, Biden repeatedly said that his son had done nothing wrong, although he has been investigated for corruption for a long time.

#18: Beau, Biden’s oldest son, passed away from brain cancer in 2015.

#19: One year later, in 2016, Biden intended to run for president a third time. Barack Obama convinced him not to run since he believed that Hillary Clinton had more chances to defeat Republican nominee Donald Trump (although ultimately she lost the election as well).

#20: Biden doesn’t drink or smoke, believing that these vices are ‘a crutch.’ However, in an early 1970s interview he said he had used football, skiing and motorcycle jumping as a crutch.

Bonus Fact: At 78 years old, he is the oldest person to be inaugurated as the President of the United States.
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