20 Things You Should Know About Joe Biden

Joe Biden
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It was 1973 when Joe Biden had first started working for the United States Senate.

On January 20th, 2021, he was officially inaugurated as the 46th President of our country.

In such a long political journey, Biden has been confronting many challenges, while also scoring plenty of victories – the most significant one taking place on November 3rd, 2020, when he won the Presidential election against his opponent Donald Trump.

While some think his political experience will help him lead the country cleverly, others are doubtful regarding his capabilities. So who is Joe Biden really? Will he be the president we need in such difficult times?

Today, we’ll discover 20 things every American should know about Joe Biden.

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49 thoughts on “20 Things You Should Know About Joe Biden”

    1. Elizabeth A fayhee

      Feeling sorry does not cut the grease. I respect and have faith in President Biden, and I am grateful for him and all who strive for America to BE what WE, the people, stand for, vote, when we can for, FREEDOM and EQUALITY for ALL.

  1. He’s a GOOD man and will take this country in the right direction given the trump GOP and their hateful antics are cast down. LET’S PUT COUNTRY FIRST! …. NOT politics or racism.

      1. So… he deserves a pity vote? He”s suffered tragedies? Who hasn’t? Welcome to life.

        His “Build back better” policy is driving this country into the ground, not to mention the fact that he got it and is on board with the World Economic Forum’s global plan.

        The man does deserve some pity because it’s apparent to the whole world the poor man has dementia and has no business trying to lead this country!

        I know ALL I need to know about him. He needs help and so does American citizenz!

        The Titanic is sinking and there are nowhere near enough life boats to save us all.

    1. “Let’s Put the Country First” is Biden’s commitment?????? He hasn’t done anything to put the country first.

      1. Much better than 45’s motto, “Let’s put the Trump family first in ALL things, and the country be damned”.

      1. you mean the one trump put us in. we are trying to recover from a pandemic your guy, trump, made far worse than it had to be.

    2. He is anything but a good man. He’s a conniving, self serving, greedy liar who has done nothing to help THIS COUNTRY OR IT’S CITIZENS!!!

    3. If he is so good, how is he worth so much money while serving as a civil servant for so long. Why did he run for for President when he is clearly demented and why did his family let him run.

    4. He is bring us down the right way. We are indirectly at war with Russia threw Ukraine blood. By giving Ukraine our weapons our bullets our equipment. I see this and everyone see this. Ukraine is not a nato country and we should not be helping them at all.

    5. That GOOD MAN you’re talking about has said MANY racist things including “If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black. Stop yourself SJ, you already voted for the real racist.

    6. I don’t know who is worse, Biden or Carter. Carter took gas from 65c to $1.45. Interest rates on a house from 6% to 21%. Inflation was out of control for both presidents but the Democrats still love having a Marxist in power to drag us down like they have tried to do every since they lost the civil war. Some are slick about it, others show it during their term. The slickest that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime was Clinton when he took Reagan’s idea and turned it to reality knowing the damage it would do to this country. Except Reagan’s idea was to reduce drug trafficking between USA and Mexico. Reagan’s policy only included Canada and Mexico. When Clinton read it, he opened the doors for everyone and lifted the trade limit that was imposed on China so they could jump in on stealing our wealth. Only a stupid democrat would look at equal trade as racist. Trump tried to balance this unequal trade, (China sells us goods, in return, we sell them our trash to recycle. Around 10 years ago, they stopped buying our trash.) Now we pump our money into their system with nothing in return except nuclear weapons to use against us as they side with Russia. When we are wiped out from nuclear radiation, it will all be the end result of Democratic Marxist who were in office.

    7. Putting Trump back in the White House would be putting America first! Biden is by far the most corrupt president we’ve ever had. He makes Nixon look like an Eagle Scout

    8. If he is so “good”, tell us why he paid the Taliban MILLIONS of US tax dollars, (like yours), as US Marines were being shot-dead in Kabul, & American men, women, & children were being seized, beaten, buggered, & raped right downtown, in broad daylight? Is putting the Taliban first, “good”? He can’t even tell us how many of these abused, battered, American POW’s EXIST!! El Paladin

  2. William Bruce Richmond

    Yes. He has a little age on him. I am 85 and due for an aortic valve replacement this Spring. God Bless our men and women in the medical field. I wish all of us U.S. citizens had good medical care. Even a pregnant woman should get good medical care. Her baby might just be our President some day. This medical care needs to be prompt and complete. And the child needs good medical care from the get go. Even Republicans need medical care. And some of them need to be in jail.

    1. He is a very GOOD man!!! He has done more in one year than Trump only served the wealthy. Look at the tax breaks and deficit rise he caused. Lets all inject bleach and shine sunlight inside our bodies to kill viruses. He has no common knowledge .

      1. Sorry Jim but you’re so filled with hate for Trump that you can’t be objective. I don’t really care if Biden is a GOOD man or not, he’s not mentally sound. He absolutely has done more than Trump in his first year. ALL BAD. He’s a mess Jim. You shouldn’t be voting.

      2. He has been very GOOD to the Taliban. Gave them taxpayer millions, (that’s your money too), as they shot-down US Marines in Kabul, & seized, beat, raped, & buggered American civilians: Men, women, little children. Can you tell us how many, James? biden cannot either! El Paladin

  3. Albert Pomerleau

    He promised no more taxes, well he has gone a path to increase taxes in different ways, all hidden!!!!

  4. Jill should never have allowed him to run. She wanted to be First Lady for the prestige and it’s not working. A sad day for our country.


    1. These people come LEGALLY to our border and ASK for asylum. By international law, this is what they are supposed to do. And we are supposed to assess their need for asylum. They get NO federal finds, NO federal benefits. The billions we spend go to detention centers, prisons, most of the private and minimally regulated, to detain and shackle human beings who come to us asking for safety. What the asylum seekers are doing is legal. What we are doing is immoral.

      1. This is untrue. Political Asylum from what ? President Obrador of Mexico is wonderful ! It isn’t oppressing anyone! If we go to another country and try to stay illegally we are thrown in jail. If they come here illegally they are given free food, free housing for a short period then section 8 housing, we educate their children for free, which requires more teachers, we give them free medical, and Biden and his bunch have been toying with the idea of giving them $450,000 apiece just for grins!
        Recently, on the Texas border at Alice,Tx as illegals poured in by the thousands, the government under Biden met them furnishing free hotel rooms until every hotel / motel in that city was to capacity.( never had happened before) They were then given their choice of any city in the USA they wanted a one-way airline ticket to and “we the people “ paid for that! In case you doubt this you can pull it up on YouTube under Ted Cruz who took a crew who filmed it! No asylum seekers just know a sucker when they see it and that would be us! Let’s go Brandon!

      2. Come down to Texas on the border and see the mess they are creating and tell me they are legal and we are immoral. It’s sounds great when you don’t have to deal with it.

      3. *Everything* you stated is incorrect! Have you counted the young, drugged, slaves, (mostly women), they bring in, to sell here? Do you own a farm, or ranch that has been shot-up, & burned to the ground by them?? Your family members murdered? Has your loved one been hit on the highway…killed or crippled for life, by a drunk/doped illegal, no driver’s permit; then arrested, but let-go immediately, to hurt someone yet again? Maybe your household, the next “go”? Have you ever lived on the Fronterra? Have you even BEEN to the bloody, Border War combat zone?? International law?…….sayes, I, as a foreigner, can thrash-in here, take your stuff, your job, (or your teen’s job), loot your ‘hood’, and of course collect thousands of welfare dollars,……that YOU were supposed to get?? You are good with all this? El Paladin

  6. James Dorsey, Sr.

    Joe Biden is the right person for the US President at this time. We need a person that is not morally corrupt and cares about people and do not focus on himself first. He has also appointed highly qualified people to his staff. We haven’t had a single person leave his administration due to corruption. Trump had multiple people resigning because of questionable behavior in office. His has done an outstanding job in reestablishing the US relationships with foreign countries. He has a positive working relationship with people of color and lives his religion in the way he carries himself. I will vote for him ago even if he is 90 years old.

    1. So let me see if I have this right. Trump is morally corrupt but a man who has been in Washington since 1973 isn’t??? Do you even reread how you comment to see if it sounds totally ridiculous because this is hate talking, not common sense. Nobody EVER talks about what Trump accomplished just that he was mean. EVERYBODY was working when Trump was in office, including minorities. He’s losing the black and latino vote because he’s too woke. Wake up Jim, you just sound like another hater.

  7. Just as I thought! A fine American with a sterling background. A family man that truly understands the meaning of the term. Honest, sometimes a little too honest, he doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind. Speaking of speaking, I’ve found him a very agile, sometimes eloquent speaker, unlike his predecessor, who mangled the English language daily and whose sentence structure was similar to a child on a sugar high.
    I am proud to call him “Mister President” and you should be too. He WILL fix what his predecessor tried to destroy: American Democracy.

    1. A sterling background??? Bahahahahahaha! OMG that’s rich. Honest? Honest?? Bahahahahaha!! He’s lied more in one year than you have your entire life Jim. Notice now that we’ll ALL be getting taxed, not just those earning more than 400K. The fact that he doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind is EXACTLY what makes your party cringe every time he talks. Don’t know if he listen to him talk much Jim but he’s incoherent. Literally incoherent and you’re going to talk to us sentence structure??? Bahahahaha!!!
      Oh and lastly, HE HASN’T FIXED A DAMN THING!!

    2. Except that the founders did *not* give us a democracy, because they knew from history, it morphs into a “free stuff” disaster, & mob-rule! ….Which we are now on the verge of. Sorry that you learned that drivel in the rotten, gov’t-taxpayer-“public” schools. Why don’t you look beyond those media lies, & trash, to find-out what government we were given? Hillsdale College can tell you. Read founding documents! Then get-out, & help us restore it! El Paladin

  8. So tired of hearing how Biden is doing a great job. How do you measure that or is it some opinion from a biased source? Look at the numbers. He touts the greatest hiring numbers in 60 years… that’s a joke. Employment is just reaching pre-pandemic levels. People have not returned to work because they are able to get by without working. Biden professed he would not raise taxes on anyone under $400,000/yr. Now they’re trying to pass a bill that not only effects the taxes of people making under $400,000/yr but it will impact everyone except the 50% of people who pay NO INCOME TAX. I’m also tired of hearing about Trump’s personality. He makes me cringe when he speaks, but at least the economy grew under his administration and people had more money. Stop telling me about the “Rich”. I care about my income and not what my neighbor may be earning. Life isn’t fair. Get over yourself. If you think coming into the country illegally, try moving to South Texas. If you don’t think this invasion is dangerous, just think of the 1,000,000 got-always that we know nothing about. The government’s main task is to protect our citizens. Is an open border doing that? I hope people get a lot more involved and educated. That’s the only chance we have to save the country.

  9. Joe Biden is a good man…he believes in and acts for justice and equality. An honest man who tries to do the right thing. He has suffered a lot of pain in his life and his family. But he has kept getting up, back on his feet. He’s never one to count out. God bless him and the challenging times our country is going through now and in the future. Joe is the best man for the job he has been given. Let’s give him our support. He needs it.

  10. This corrupt inept phony president has done more to hurt america and its people than any other president in history i have lost my business because of this half-wit and his anti american policies he should be impeached and thrown into gitmo with the other america hating terrorists before he totally destroys the country…this criminal has stolen the american tax payer blind for 50 years as has his whole corrupt family with his help and for a 10% kick back to the “big guy”

  11. $5.00 a gal., for gas go to the store prices are up 3 to 500% and no good paying jobs. Bidden sell’s our stored oil to China,
    Were’s the money , we don’t even know how much Biden and his son got for the oil … But Gods getting even with him every
    time he lie’s he shits his depends … Could go on and on, don’t know how these people think he’s so great. Gas was under 2
    dollars with trump…now $5.00.00 dollars He’s done nothing for us, everything foe China & Russia ….

  12. Trump had an ego problem………granted. But he made some very wise decisions that spurred the country upward. Foreign leaders respected him. Biden is an old politician who is ill. His career was one of swaying with the wind in all directions. I pray to God for the elderly who are ill; that they don’t suffer too much. I think he is suffering. I don’t think his wife is thinking of his welfare but rather of herself and being First Lady. The Vice-President is a cartoon movie character. We cannot trade Biden for her. Things would be worse. The first day in office Biden signs over 200 resolutions making major changes many of which have led to the chaos of today. How could the man have been briefed on 200 changes and their subsequent results in a few days, or even weeks in advance. Who made these decisions? Americans have forgotten how to think, pray, lead and sacrifice. All of which built this country. I don’t see a way out of our problems on the current pathway.

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