The Most Powerful Female Politician in Each of the 50 States

Photo by mark reinstein from Shutterstock
  • Illinois: Hillary Rodham Clinton – Hillary was the first woman that got nominated for president by an important political party in the US.
  • Indiana: Maria Cantwell – Maria Cantwell served in the US House of Representatives, being the first Democrat that got elected in Washington’s first congressional district in 40 years.
  • Iowa: Joni Ernst – Joni Ernst was elected in 2014 and is one of the first female Republicans that served on the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • Kansas: Gale Norton – Gale was the first female US Secretary of the Interior, as she held the role from 2001 to 2006.
  • Kentucky: Martha Layne Collins – Martha was the highest-ranking female Democrat in America, after being elected as governor of Kentucky in 1983.
  • Louisiana: Lindy Boggs – Her husband was the majority leader in the Senate until his campaign plane completely disappeared in Alaska in 1972. Lindy was the one who had served as his chief political adviser, so she ran for it and won his seat.
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