9 Surprising Ways Malcolm X Has Affected The World We Know Today

Malcolm X
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  • The FBI created a file for Malcolm X after he wrote to President Truman – While he was still in prison, Malcolm decided to write a letter to President Harry Truman, denouncing the Korean War and declaring himself a communist. The FBI started to surveil him because he was a communist and affiliated with NOI. They kept on tracking him and recording his phone conversations until he was murdered, and they knew all the death threats he received.
  • Malcolm X inspired Muhammad Ali to join the Nation of Islam – The famous boxer who was then called Cassius Clay bested Sonny Liston to become world heavyweight champion. Then, he proclaimed himself to be called Cassius X, and then he changed his name again to Muhammad Ali. This was the spiritual change that was completely guided by Malcolm after the two became friends in 1962. Ali was incredibly impressed by Malcolm’s speech at a Nation of Islam event, and Malcolm then became a mentor for the fighter.
  • Malcolm X was once opposed to integration – Malcolm X is one of those political figures who were once opposed to integration. In fact, Malcolm had one foot out of the door of NOI. Because he was a strong believer in the concept of separation from white society, and he was strongly opposing the mainstream civil rights movement.
  • Malcolm X’s Hajj deeply transformed him – Malcolm was starting to be seen as a threat to Elijah Muhammad’s leadership in NOI because he was so popular. In March 1964, he decided to publicly leave the organization, in order to found Muslim Mosque, Inc. and the Organization of Afro-American Unity before he converted to Sunni Islam and made the Hajj (which is the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca). As he was a state guest of Saudi Prince Faisal, the experience he had praying, living, and eating with other fellows Muslims entirely shifted his thinking. As he went forward, he saw Islam as a way to overcome racial disunity.

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