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John q AMERICANhttps://thecaptain.comjhnlntc@aol.comYou LIEYou're nothing but lies. Trump was a great president. You spew nothing but liberal garbage. You should be ashamed to be an American........Henry Buckwalterhttps://thecaptain.comhenrymillieb@verizon.netto much junk mailI hate getting so much junk mail.Jessica Mhttps://thecaptain.comgeode78@verizon.netDisgusted by your contentAfter receiving your latest newsletter email, I am beyond disgusted. Clearly you are biased to the leftist point of view. Your "Trump's Most Shameless Lies" content could probably be debunked rather quickly but you'd rather feed the media's "Trump Derangement Syndrome" narrative. I don't know if you're trying to make your content appear "fair and balanced" but obviously this is not the right way to go about it. I recall you had some similar shameful content regarding Melania Trump's fashion choices quite recently. Oddly enough, I don't see you posting any content critical of other Presidents or First Ladies, such as the Obamas, the Clintons, the Bushes ... Why is that? Even in your article about the most ridiculous political publicity stunts, your list is blatantly slanted toward conservative or Republican politicians. Only two out of your list of eight are Democrats/leftists. Furthermore, in your article regarding Biden and his "busy first day as president", you were so obviously sympathetic toward Biden and snide toward Trump. I get enough slobbering over the Democrats/liberals in the mainstream media as it is; I don't need yours on top of it. I have made the decision to unsubscribe to your email newsletter. It would be nice if you were up front regarding your support of the leftist point of view and politicians. 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Opinions are like assholes - everybody has one. Unsubscribe meDebhttps://thecaptain.comlarsnord@mac.comYour fake garbage siteLeave us ALL alone, you lying and perverted troll-bots from Putin...dig a hole and throw all your feces-covered syncophats in with you...pigs are better neighbors than youAmy Fleminghttps://thecaptain.comamylfleming@yahoo.comRemove meI keep getting these emails even though I have unsubscribe many many times. Take me off of this list I do not want to be one it. Ks me! WENDY M KENNEDYhttps://thecaptain.comazuresmom2000@yahoo.comDemocraticsI love Joe Biden, I am a liberal educated human and Trump is a terrible ignorant person. Youdo Not Needithttps://thecaptain.comnotgiving@toyour.comhpgwashSo tired of your garbage conservative lies.Nick Serrahttps://thecaptain.comjerkwithamouth@gmail.comWOWThis is some right wing reactionary garbage of the highest order. While the rest of society is slowly adjusting back to some sense of normalcy, people like you are acting like the sky is falling because Biden forgave some student debt. Go fuck yourselves, and may Trump, DeSantis, and their gaggle of cunts, never win another national election.Mary Chriszthttps://thecaptain.commc51759@yahoo.comThe Captain10 times Joe Biden made a fool of himself..Is this all you got? Reporting on someone else? SO NOT INTERESTED IN THIS BS!Margaret Raadhttps://thecaptain.commaraad1959@yahoo.comUgliness I am just so tired of the lies and ugliness from the Republican Party. Instead of constantly throwing mud at the Current government and being part of the problem. Try being part of the solution. I would have voted for Mickey Mouse rather than another term of the most corrupt government in US History.(trump). The American people spoke and said ENOUGH. Why you think that the American people are so stupid that they don’t know Corruption when they see it. That government did nothing but enrich themselves and steal from the American people. John Michael Masonhttps://thecaptain.comMIKE99953@AOL.COMBSI don't know how you got my email But I never subscribed to anything to get your UNSOLICITED BS. Please unsubcribe me. Alfred Farrarhttps://thecaptain.comfarrarbill70@yahoo.comSubject Making fun of our commander in chief during these tuff world times is totally uncalled for and a disrespectful not only to him but every American, the the nation, President and our military navy? The captain? Yeah right I'm ashamed of ur terrible writing, good bye and dont worry i will talk about during my blogLynn Rothhttps://thecaptain.comllroths@aol.comTrump vs BidenTrump is a terrible person and worse president. Biden is a good person but too old for the job! Having a choice between the two, Biden would win hands down!Deez Nutzhttps://thecaptain.comlickmyballs@aol.comFuck you you fucking Republican filthFuck you you fascist scum. My grandpa killed your Nazis in France and I guess we will need to take you filth out again. It would be even worse if you don’t believe in this crap you are peddling and are just doing it for money. You would then be such a worthless scumbag that you would have no place in society. Either way you are subhuman filth who should be cleaned from the earth. Erin Glackinhttps://thecaptain.comglackinerin@yahoo.comUnsubscribing You are such a stupid site. Your content is garbage. Absolutely disgusting. MARTIN B CLARKEhttps://thecaptain.commbclarke09@yahoo.comPlease unsubscribe me...Please unsubscribe me...Stanhttps://thecaptain.comstan@api.comNegotiating web pages I have tried several times to follow an interesting topic, but your website is so poorly organized that I cannot stay on topic. I just have to get out. It is too frustrating Laura Shepardhttps://thecaptain.comlaurashepard225@yahoo.comNo more texts please I'm not interested in any of this messages I don't want anymore sent thanks