Queen Elizabeth’s 7 Most Uncomfortable Presidential Meetings

Queen Elizabeth
Photo by Michael Tubi from Shutterstock

It seems an odd quirk of history, seeing how we fought a war against her 3rd great grandfather King George III and the idea of a monarchy, but a recent poll revealed that an astonishing 68% of Americans said they held a favorable view of the recently deceased monarch. With only 14% holding a negative view, Queen Elizabeth II was undoubtedly popular in America.

And the feelings seemed to be mutual as throughout her 70-year reign, the second longest reign in history behind French King Louis XIV, the Queen worked tirelessly to reinforce the “special relationship” between Britain and the United States. In an effort to maintain this crucial relationship, the Queen often traveled across the pond to pay a visit to the then sitting President or the then President went the other way.

Unfortunately, not every visit with the leader of the free world went exactly to plan as we will see with Queen Elizabeth’s 7 most uncomfortable Presidential meetings.

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