15 Politicians That Americans Would Follow to Hell and Back

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Ben Carson

The one and only, affable, and very soft-spoken Ben Carson was seen by many people as an incredibly kind, and gentle presidential candidate back in the 2016 Republican primary. Even if the retired neurosurgeon’s destiny wasn’t in the Oval Office, he did become Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, a post he kept until 2017.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Also known as AOC by many fans and detractors, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez made a name for herself while she was in her first term in Congress. Hailing from New York City, she successfully represented parts of the Bronx and Queens. Ocasio-Cortez is a democratic socialist, who has become more popular among millennials than baby boomers, according to the same YouGov survey.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton occupies the 13th spot on the list of most popular politicians, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t polarizing. Even if 37% of those who were surveyed had a very positive impression of the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, 47% didn’t like her at all. Besides running for president of the United States, Clinton is also a former secretary of state and wife of former President Bill Clinton.

Mike Pence

The results showed that Mike Pence occupies a similar place to Hillary Clinton. According to the results, 37% of survey respondents had a positive view of the current vice president, while 43% had a rather negative impression of him. In his prior position, Mike Pense was the governor of Indiana.

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi represents California’s 12th District in Congress, but she’s also a speaker of the House. She’s seen by many as a leading voice for the Democratic Party. Another interesting fact is that she’s extremely beloved by baby boomers, rather than millennials, and 38% of all survey respondents had a positive opinion about her, according to the YouGov stats.

Donald Trump

Out of all the politicians on this list, Donald Trump is by far the most famous one. He has been recognized by 89% of survey respondents, but we can only guess that this has changed. As the former president of the United States, Donald Trump has a strong and devoted legion of fans. 38% of all the survey respondents had a favorable opinion of Trump, but also 44% of baby boomers. Even so, not everyone is keen when it comes to Trump, as 52% have a very negative view of the president.

Elijah Cummings

Elijah Cummings passed away two years ago, but he has remained a very popular figure in American politics. He was oftentimes described as a very respected, wise, and brave man. Cummings has recently served as a Maryland congressional representative. Before that, he became known as a civil rights advocate and a longtime member of the Maryland House of Delegates.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is very popular in all age groups with both women and men. She has become well-known ever since she ran for the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee. Elizabeth Warren likes to think of herself as a nation’s leading progressive voice, as she currently serves as U.S. senator for Massachusetts. The 39% of the survey respondents who appreciate her mentioned that she is extremely honest, articulate and always stands up for ordinary people.

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