5 of the Longest Wars in US History

5 of the Longest Wars in US History
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As far as statistics go, this is a rather troubling one. Since 1776, the US has been at war 93% of the time, meaning that out of the 244 years our country has been in existence, we have been in one war or another for 227 years, which sadly means we have only known peace for a mere 17 years in our history.

With our war in Afghanistan reaching the unwanted milestone of 20 years, the longest conflict in US history, President Biden’s has finally made the decision to pull the troops out and bring them home. And while the failed landing operation on the southwestern coast of Cuba in 1961, known as the infamous Bay of Pigs Invasion, only lasted 3 days, we wondered which other conflicts in our history of conflicts lasted the longest?

Here we are going to go through the longest wars we have fought, some will be more than familiar and others you’ll have never even heard of. Whether it’s fighting for freedom, new lands or pushing back against the spread of communism, here are the 10 longest conflicts in US history.

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