Is Voter Fraud a Real Problem for U.S. Politics?

House Oversight and Reform Committee on Postal Service operations, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Trump’s controversial appointee as Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, also did nothing to stem the flow of accusations, this time from the left. DeJoy’s appointment back in June 2020 raised many eyebrows as he was a major donor to the president, sparking concerns that his placement in this position would be used to favor Trump in the coming 2020 elections by using the United States Postal Service as a political tool.

DeJoy fanned the flames of concern when he suggested the postal service requires an ‘operational pivot’. Changes that could potentially involve the closing of post offices across the country and the elimination of overtime for hundreds of thousands of postal workers, causing major disruptions and delays in mail deliveries in a crucial election year where many wanted to vote from home as the pandemic was hitting hard.

Regardless of the claims continuously made by Trump, his family, and their cronies that an increase in postal voting led to “the most corrupt election” in US history, many states ignored the former commander and chief and increased postal voting to prevent large gatherings at polling stations come election day.

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