Is Vladimir Putin Dying?

Putin Dying
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Another semi-credible source is from an online forensic research team known as Bellingcat. They claim to have gotten hold of an internal FSB (Russia’s Federal Security Service) memo instructing regional chiefs to deny all rumors of Putin’s ill health. What seemingly backs up the assertion that Putin is indeed knocking on death’s door are numerous clips of him apparently showing clear symptoms of the various illnesses he is claimed to be suffering from. Everything from spinal cord cancer to brain aneurysms.

Many have suggested that the ridiculously long table he sits at the head of when meeting with his ministers is because he is paranoid of contracting COVID-19, as anyone with a weakened immune system would do. However, it was the televised meeting with his minister of defense Sergei Shoigu that really raised a few eyebrows as Putin appears to firmly grip the table throughout the meeting. Some interpret this as a clear symptom of Parkinson’s disease.

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