How Much Legal Trouble Is Trump In?

Trump Legal
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3. Election Interference

A few days before the events of January 6, few Americans would likely never heard the name Brad Raffensperger before. That would all change in a shocking fashion when the top election official in the state of Georgia received a phone call that would leave a bad taste in both his mouth and ears. A request he never thought he would hear coming from any President of the United States.

Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Raffensperger would be asked to ‘re-examine’ the results by a clearly agitated Trump. And the way to do that would be for the Georgian lawmaker to ‘find 11,780 votes’, an oddly specific number. Not so odd when you consider that number would have given Mr. Trump victory in the key 2020 swing state.

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9 thoughts on “How Much Legal Trouble Is Trump In?”

    1. Imagine being so stupid that you look at this treasonous, traitorous, totally corrupt, self-serving , ignorant clown, this racist, semi-literate moron, this sexually assaulting, pathologically lying, feeble-minded ,morally bankrupt, constitutionally-illiterate simpleton , this bloated nitwit with his cotton candy hair, radioactive tinted skin, and OBESE dishevelment and think … ” NOW THIS IS A GUY I REALLY ADMIRE “

  1. Stop this bullshit, Trump is a fucking criminal and belongs in prison !!! All of Trumps supporters belong in a mental institution for supporting this conman,grifter and fraud, wake the fuck up !

  2. Trump Is a egotistical fraud. He doesnt care about our country and people. His arrogance and self centeredness is going to destroy our country. Wake up people. He wants us to be communist. We have faught to hard and lost too any lives to allow this to happen. He is a Putin wannabe. Hes in his pocket. We should all value our freedom. I love my freedom and country.

  3. If he had done anything illegal, they would have found it with all their intensive investigations. They had dedicated staff going over every word and paper he signed. Because he was taking this nation in a direction of self-sufficiency and prosperity the left did everything to remove him. They resorted to fixing the election. The facts are coming out as people see what a vote for the left has got them. We see the panic that is desperately trying to create a crime to hang on Trump. They have few options. The one I see is the assassination of president Trump. This is becoming the only option. They wouldn’t kill a former president? Well they killed one in office. They want to rule this nation. The only way they can is destroy it from within. They have corrupted our laws, the prosecutors, the judges and even the cops. The efforts to take our only defence against government is clear. Lowering standards for our teachers, our cops, our military is tyrannical government. Trump rectified this and had to be removed. They removed him as president but not his influence. Knowing they must divert our attention when elections will put them out of power they rule by crisis. Dont be surprised if they stop the elections for a created crisis. ————-I, Grampa

  4. As I have said previously, President Trump did us all a favor by taking those documents with him to Florida. He knew that Hunter Biden would have the ability to check things out once his father was in the White House. Had he had the opportunity to come across the classified documents, if indeed they are classified, he would have grabbed them immediately and sold them to his friends in China and maybe even Russia. Had he done so, nobody would have investigated him, or maybe even noticed that they were gone, and would still be blaming President Trump that he had removed them and.taken them to Florida and hidden them in a place where nobody could find them.

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