How Did America Become The World’s Greatest Superpower?

America Superpower
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In our relatively short 246 year history as a country, America has gone from a colony that fought the British because they wanted to be free from its unfair taxes and yearned for the right of self governance, to the most powerful superpower in the world.

With over 800 military bases spread across the globe and the world’s largest military budget ($715 billion, up $10 billion from 2021), we have become the leader of the global community and ushered in an era of prosperity while trying to keep global conflict to a minimum.

But how did a small group of settlers looking for a better life grow to become the most important and powerful country on the world stage? One whose position in the world remains pivotal and important for continued global growth and stability?

Here we are going to go through a brief history of how America put the ‘super’ into superpower.

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