A Brief History of the President’s First 100 Days

Image By Don Koralewski From commons.wikimedia.org

The Reagan Presidency Starts With a Bang (cont.)

To further bolster the claim of backroom dealing, many point to the fact that after Reagan was sworn in, his administration supplied Iran with weapons via Israel and unblocked Iranian government monetary assets in U.S. banks. However, both houses of the United States Congress would hold separate inquiries into the incident but concluded that there was insufficient evidence to prop up this claim.

This wasn’t the only major event to take place for Reagan in his first 100 days as, sixty-nine days into his administration on March 30, 1981, his presidency would almost come to an abrupt and tragic end when an assassination attempt was made by John Hinckley Jr. who bizarrely believed that in shooting the president, he would earn the affection of the Oscar-winning actress he was stalking, Jodie Foster. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t.

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