A Brief History of the President’s First 100 Days

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The Best and Worst Approval Ratings (cont.)

When breaking down the Gallup era, which tracks presidential approval ratings on a daily basis, Kennedy sits on top. Despite dropping three points, Obama’s 63% is the fourth highest and the highest since President Carter with 69%, President George H.W. Bush ended with 57%, President Clinton with 55%, like Obama, dropping three points during his first 100 days, President George W. Bush with 58%.

Finally, the president who comes in dead last, which will come as little surprise to many, is our last commander in chief Donald Trump, who ended his first 100 days at 40%. It wouldn’t get any better for the Donald as not only did his tenure as president never see an approval rating above 50%, the only president not to register a 50% job approval rating at any point in his presidency, but it would end on a paltry 34%.

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