9 SHOCKING Facts You Would NEVER Guess About the Titanic

full moon titanic
Photo by Yongkiet Jitwattanatam from Shutterstock

A full moon might have caused the fatal iceberg to cross paths with the ship

Scientists had a theory that the full moon months before might have had something to do with the collision, which killed 1,500 people. As astronomer Donald Olson of Texas State University-San Marcos has stated, “that full moon, on January 4, 1912, might have created strong tides that sent a flotilla of icebergs southward, right in time for Titanic’s maiden voyage.”

Even more, apparently, that moon wasn’t even a normal full moon, as he explained how “it was the closest lunar approach, in fact, since A.D. 796, and the Earth won’t see another one until 2257” as Lovett wrote.

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