9 SHOCKING Facts You Would NEVER Guess About the Titanic

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On Titanic, there were real-life love stories

According to the Belfast Telegraph, the Titanic was the ship of love. There were 13 couples who were honeymooning on the ship, including the famous J.J. Astor and his young wife, who was five months pregnant.

She was eventually helped into a lifeboat by her husband, who perished in the disaster. In the official Senate inquiry, there was one witness who said that Mr. Astor might have been allowed into the boat alongside his wife if the crew knew she was expecting.

Mrs. Astor lived, and her baby, John Jacob Astor VI, was born later the same year. There were also Isidor and Ida Straus, who were the owners of Macy’s department stores. They both perished together.

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