11 Interesting Facts About Air Force One

Air Force One
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Although just a call sign and not its official title, Air Force One not only transports the President from A to B then back again, it also acts as a command center and a powerful symbol of the American presidency and its power.

Starting its illustrious career as a Boeing 314 Dixie Clipper in 1943, then the C-87 Liberator, it would be a C-54 Skymaster, named ‘Guess Where II’ that would eventually be recognized as the first dedicated VIP-and-presidential transport aircraft and one that would carry President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the famous Yalta Conference in February 1945.

The make of the plane and the equipment contained within has changed over the years, but its occupant has not. This Presidential plane has seen many iterations over the past few decades, but today’s Air Force One boasts some outstanding and sometimes surprising features. Here we take a look at 11 interesting things about the world’s most famous plane.

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25 thoughts on “11 Interesting Facts About Air Force One”

  1. Richard Economou

    Clearly Airforce 1 is more capable than it passenger. Biden should be looking for a cure for BOTCHALIsm. He can botch anything.


      He is not nearly as bad that SOB Trump. Trump tried to overthrow democracy. If he or some of his butt hole buddies get elected in 2024, I fear we will lose democracy. How can you stand by and let this happen? If you don’t care about democracy why don’t you leave the country.

  2. Phillip G Shaffer

    It also has the capability of a large plane flying at Mach 1 if I am not mistaken, Which is quite a bit faster than every airliner this size, 1100 mph .

  3. I believe in fail safe. I am hoping that not being able to refuel midair is a temporary bungle. Those without adequate expertise should never be decision makers particularly when it comes to safety. It seems a pity that the chefs are unable to purchase any food which comes from abroad. 97% of the world’s best cheeses and wine are from abroad, mainly because our US dairy is a disgrace and nothing any respectable cow would ever admit to producing and most of our wine has sugar added as well as being tinted with synthetic chemicals. That is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to food and drink in the US as our food is heavily tainted with synthetic chemicals and genetic engineering. Thus I would hope that the chefs are sticking with the now dubbed “organic” foods, the foods we have been eating since time began. Thank you for sharing this insight as many of our citizenry believe Presidents go on vacation when they exit the White House. Little do they know that this is not the reality of our chief executive though it is true that some may have more focus than others with more personal priorities which do not necessarily relate to the welfare of the country.

    1. Spot on about our food system. We miss out on a lot when we stick to ‘our own’ whether it’s race or food or music. Everything has sugar in it, I am quite sure if they could, they would find a way to add sugar to sugar. Lol

  4. In the second paragraph on p8 you may wish to change “investigation but Air Force” to “investigation by Air Force”

    1. Why do you hate our country? It appears you like the fact the since Trump is out of office our country is going down the toilet.

  5. In regards to the stench left behind. A good wash down with hydrogen should do the job, without leaving any smell behind

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