Top 10 Most Embarrassing Gaffes Biden Has Ever Said

mbarrassing Gaffes Biden Has Ever Said
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Joe Biden’s political career started almost five decades ago. Needless to say, any one of us would make plenty of mistakes during that time – some worse than others. Aside from the questionable decisions he may have made politically, there’s just something that stands out so much about Biden: his verbal gaffes.

In fact, he even admitted to being a gaffe machine in 2018 – and I think no one can disagree with that statement. Whether we’re talking about inappropriate remarks he later regretted or totally unexpected affirmations, Joe Biden is definitely one to remember in terms of verbal stumbles.

However, he’s not the Delaware senator he was back in 1972; today, Biden is our president, one that must lead the country through one of the toughest times in a century. Will his gaffes ruin his political decisions or his relationship with politicians?

We don’t know yet, but we do know some of his remarks are remembered even now, several decades later.

Today, we’ll have a look at the top 10 most embarrassing gaffes Joe Biden made during his career. Ready?

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17 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Embarrassing Gaffes Biden Has Ever Said”

  1. Biden is a globalist and repeats everything from the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset. Globalists are ready to give away peoples rights so the rich can continue to exploit people and natural resources. The COVID plandemic is the way to usher in the globalist 4th industrial revolution and introduce totalitarianism. We need to fight for our constitutional rights given to us by the founders otherwise we will be slaves to the elite corrupt system. I did not vote for Biden or Trump.

  2. None of these rank in the top 1000 of Trump’s uninformed, incompetent , cruel or dangerous to the country mouth farts

      1. Trump’s numbers? What numbers?
        Trump never said one number about anything in 4 years. He only said “Unemployment is the best, my rally turnout is the best, believe me” Never specific about anything. If you asked Trump unemployment numbers, he’d have no clue. He can sure use a sharpie though.
        Plus, Trumps theory about “how could I lose election to Biden, he says “look at this line of cars for my rally”.
        With that specific number logic, the lineup of cars after an Ariana Grande concert was miles long. #Grande2020

  3. I always thought Jimmy Carter was the worst president in modern history, then along comes Barack Obama & saved Carter from that distinction, but now we have by far the worst president in modern history. Biden is without doubt the most incompetent person to ever hold the office & obviously senile. Biden has done more harm to this country in one year than even Obama did in eight. Biden is also surrounded by the most incompetent cabinet personnel I can remember, I’m especially thankful we didn’t end up with Garland as a Supreme Ct justice, would be as big a catastrophe as the 2 worthless female justices Obama nominated. The leftist media (arm of the democrat party) is the only reason Obama & Biden could get elected.

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