Top 7 Most Notable Lies Donald Trump Said as President (Part. I)

Most Notable Lies Donald Trump
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Years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined that it would be so difficult to pick 14 lies from a president’s career. Yes, all presidents lie, but most of them have a modest list of untruths which mark their years in office.

As for Donald Trump, ranking the lies he said while at the White House can easily turn into an endless, depressing read.

However, CNN has somehow accomplished the impossible and chose 7 of the most notable lies Donald Trump has said over the past four years. These statements were chosen based on their absurdity, their impact over our country or how they speak actual truth about Trump’s character.

If you’re ready to embark on this not-so-pretty journey, it’s time to have a look at Trump’s most notable lies as we get ready to face their consequences:

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5 thoughts on “Top 7 Most Notable Lies Donald Trump Said as President (Part. I)”

  1. and biden saying he would stop the virus. this was a new virus and remember he had the liar fauci telling trump what to expect. biden lies every breath and has for 50 years. trump was not a dr and listened to the liar fauci . he did more than idiot biden has. he tried to get the vaccines, he closed our doors to china and if he had been in office we would not have lost our economy with all of the mandates biden has imposed. trump did a great job comparing his to bidens. I worked h1n1 and never heard a word from biden and they left nothing for T rump to work with.

  2. Oh, and the rewriting of history begins. I can only imagine the truthful statements by the current illegitimate President will be reported in the same manner.

  3. now that trumps lies have been published–when can I expect too the same report about biden–he has some really good one in his short time.

  4. If you look at Joe Biden s career, he lies constantly. He’s plagiarized people He’s lied about jobs he had He’s lied about bills he passed he lies about the border daily the economy. Plus he’s completely lost his mind so if you’re going to be fair do a similar story about him and Kamala Harris because she never tells the truth either and instead of them being called liars they say he misspoke or she was confused. So be fair and let’s do the same thing for them and I bet it would be far more than 14 or 40 or 400.

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