Top 7 Most Notable Lies Donald Trump Said as President (Part. I)

Most Notable Lies Donald Trump
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Years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined that it would be so difficult to pick 14 lies from a president’s career. Yes, all presidents lie, but most of them have a modest list of untruths which mark their years in office.

As for Donald Trump, ranking the lies he said while at the White House can easily turn into an endless, depressing read.

However, CNN has somehow accomplished the impossible and chose 7 of the most notable lies Donald Trump has said over the past four years. These statements were chosen based on their absurdity, their impact over our country or how they speak actual truth about Trump’s character.

If you’re ready to embark on this not-so-pretty journey, it’s time to have a look at Trump’s most notable lies as we get ready to face their consequences:

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