Promising Candidates: All You Need to Know About Deciding the 2024 GOP Nominee

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Trump & his legal problems

Even if Trump is back on his campaign trail, it seems that it hasn’t helped him quite as much to hide the entire list of investigations and legal troubles. The former president is still bound to face a grand jury investigation in Georgia, on whether he and his “friends” sought to overturn the outcome of the 2020 election.

His company, known as the Trump Organization, was convicted last year of tax fraud in New York. Now, a special counsel has been assigned to lead the Justice Department’s criminal probe into his possible mishandling of classified documents but also regarding his role on January 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

Naturally, Trump is very familiar with having all sorts of legal problems and investigations. He has repeatedly written off these issues as being politically motivated, but the truth might differ. However, there are many probes and legal threats that put Trump in a difficult position, especially now that he has decided to run again for the White House.

Even if all these investigations will fail to end in any kind of charges against him, they might still fuel future attacks from Democrats and even other Republican primary opponents. Even worse, Trump’s legal troubles might act as a reminder for many voters who initially voted him out of the White House.

DeSantis’s momentum

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis seems to be “the star of the show” for the past two years, especially within the Republican Party. DeSantis is now one of the most talked-about candidates for the next presidential elections. However, there’s still a lingering question ahead for the Republican candidate: is he peaking way too soon?

As one Republican operative who has worked many times on presidential campaigns has stated, “It’s scary when you have this much momentum, two years out from an election. There are still many things that might happen, and people might get tired of you.”

In order to be sure that won’t happen, DeSantis has decided not to announce just yet whether or not he will run for the White House, and the final decision is still very far away. He still hasn’t been sworn in for a second term as governor, and there are many state legislative sessions that he needs to go through.

However, if he decided to run, he will be on his own against another fellow Republicans, Trump included, who believe it or not, feels fully responsible for DeSantis’s political success.

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