9 Most Powerful People In The World

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Vladimir Putin is currently vying for the position as one of the most powerful people in the world as he sets his eyes on large swathes (if not all) of Ukraine and rattles the saber of nuclear conflict. He has also brought conventional armed conflict back to the shores of the European continent for the first time since Russia was on the right side of history when they helped the allies crush the Axis powers in World War II, in an attempt to show just how powerful he should be seen on the world stage.

And while this list will of course be replete with powerful people wielding considerable political power and influence, the realm of politics is not the only place that produces people of such immense power. The digital revolution, and the considerable revenue it produces, have seen the balance of power shift slightly, as global power begins to slip through the fingers of Kings, Queens, religious leaders, and politicians, and into the hands of private individuals and entities.

And while politicians still populate a large percentage of the ‘most powerful people in the world’ in 2022, there are a few on this list whose power relies on wealth, influence, and, most importantly, the control of information.

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