7 People Who Completely Ruined Democracy

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Larry Arnn – President of Hillsdale College

For many years, Michigan-based Hillsdale served as an academic partner for religious rights. The college had a very close relationship with the Council for National Policy, which is a secretive Christian right umbrella organization, that is focused on right-wing activism. Hillsdale’s most important donors wanted to prove who’s who in the radical right, such as the Koch network and the most prominent figures from the CNP.

Joe Seales – CEO, Right Side Broadcasting Network

RSBN is known to be the equivalent of a Trump-specific C-SPAN that took care of every Trump speech, rally, and even town hall since 2015, but also the complete coverage of the pro-Trump Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

It is also known to broadcast a show called “The Right View”, with Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump. On January 6, it live-streamed Trump’s speech that incited the march on the Capitol, but also gave life coverage to the Florida “Freedom Rally to Show Support for President Trump and January 6th Political Prisoners”.

Neil Patel – Co-founder and publisher of The Daily Caller

Patel and Tucker Carlson, who was his college roommate, launched The Caller in 2010, with a $3 million investment from Patel’s fellow CNP member Foster Friess. The site has over 20 million monthly readers, and the Daily Caller News Foundation licensed its content free of charge to 300 other outlets.

Patel used the site to give voice to all its radical rights followers, such as Jason Kessler, the white supremacist who was in charge of the Charlottesville rally. The site prefers members of the CNP, such as Supreme Court spouse Ginni Thomas, and Turning Point USA’S Charlie Kirk.

Jenny Beth Martin – Co-founder and CEO of Tea Party Patriots

The Tea Party Patriots were in charge of organizing different “spontaneous” anti-government, anti-tax rallies during the Obama administration. Martin created a meeting ground in the Tea Party Patriots for all the Christian Nationalist CNP and the secular Koch brothers.

She was the go-to woman when it came to organizing campaigns, such as political canvassing and public protests. She was also a very important person in Trump’s reelection campaign.

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