7 Infamous Arrested Politicians

Arrested Politicians
Image Courtesy of Travis County Police Dept

Tom DeLay (cont)

The conspiracy charges were dropped but the money-laundering charges were not, so DeLay, despite claiming he had done nothing wrong and this was just a political hit job, was forced to resign from his post as majority leader in January 2006. A few months later in June, he would also resign from the House.

It wouldn’t be until 2010 that his case would come to trial and after three weeks he was found guilty of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering and sentenced to three years in prison. However, he would never see the inside of a jail cell as after appealing, his conviction was eventually overturned by a Texas court in 2003, with him ultimately being acquitted of all charges.

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  1. Civilized people are supposed to pave paths for better future of everyone , regardless different racial background. because unity and honest lifts and builds a nation to be strong. while building a nation or a home or a relationship on corrupt minds and corrupt behaviors is like living in rotten homes that will eventually destroy your hopes.

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