6 People Who TRAGICALLY Died After Opposing Putin

Vladimir Putin
Image By Gevorg Ghazaryan From Shutterstock

Boris Berezovsky, 2013

Boris is a self-styled tycoon who soon became a fixture in Yeltsin’s inner circle in the 90s. He has been extremely instrumental in Putin’s ascension to power (which included a media campaign that smeared Nemtsov). However, Berezovsky was completely unable to show his influence under the new president, compared to his expectations.

His falling out with Putin only led to his exile in the U.K., where he promised to bring down the president. He was also quick to accuse the Kremlin of killing Litvinenko, an ex-intelligence officer, and part-time whistleblower who was poisoned to death in 2009. Berezovsky was found dead in a locked bathroom in his home in the United Kingdom, with a noose around his neck, in what was ruled as a suicide. Even so, the coroner’s office couldn’t determine the cause of his death.

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