6 Most Reliable American Allies

American Allies
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We all need friends right? Well, when it comes to American allies, we have got quite a few. With Russia waging an unprovoked war in Ukraine and China looking to replace the United States as the world’s foremost superpower and greatest economy, our reliance on strong relationships with allies and partners that deliver is needed more than ever.

Since the birth of our nation, we have forged some long lasting relationships with other nations, with some being turned from enemies to a friend. We may be the most powerful nation on the planet, but it is undeniable that international cooperation with our allies is vital to America’s security.

But which nations have really been there for America when we needed them most? Who are our oldest or closest allies? Here we take a look at some of the nations America can call true friends, especially when some countries are turning increasingly more aggressive and looking to expand their influence at the tip of a spear instead of the diplomatic table.

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