5 Politicians Who Were Guilty Of Murder

Politicians Guilty
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4. Clive Derby-Lewis

If wanting to assassinate your political opponent wasn’t bad enough, doing it to start a bloody and violent race war that would inevitably lead to more death and mayhem really adds a few extra layers of depravity to your crimes. That is exactly what motivated South African politician Clive Derby-Lewis in 1993 when he set his sights on Communist Party leader Chris Hani.

Derby-Lewis, who was a founder member of the Conservative Party in 1982, was deeply opposed to the end of apartheid white minority rule after the release and political rise of Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress (ANC). While Hani was leading the Communist Party, he was also chief of staff of uMkhonto we Sizwe, the paramilitary wing of the ANC founded by Mandela after the South African Police opened fire on a crowd of protestors in the township of Sharpeville, injuring 180 people and killing 69.

On 10 April 1993, in the racially mixed suburb of Boksburg, Hani was exiting his car when he was approached by Janusz Waluś, a Polish immigrant and sympathizer of the Conservative opposition, who called out his name before opening fire, shooting him in the chest and head. Thankfully, a vigilant neighbor managed to write down the registration of the car fleeing the scene, which resulted in Waluś’s capture.

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