5 Politicians Who Were Guilty Of Murder

Politicians Guilty
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Anand Sen Yadav (cont)

Unbelievably he would go on to win the election and was appointed Minister of State for food processing in Mayawati’s cabinet. He could not attend his swearing in ceremony due to the whole ‘being investigated for murder’ thing with a court ruling that he could not leave the prison as he was facing “serious criminal charges”. He would quickly resign from his ministerial position after Mayawati opened her own investigation into him.

He would eventually be convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the 2007 kidnapping and murder of Faizabad’s law student Shashi when her father accused him of the crime. Despite the court coming to the conclusion that he and two others were involved in the crime, he would be later released as there was insufficient evidence to prove his guilt. No sooner had he been released he fought and won a Bikapur assembly by-election in 2016.

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