5 Politicians Who Were Guilty Of Murder

Politicians Guilty
Photo By BHARATWARSH Via Wikimedia Commons

3. Anand Sen Yadav

In 2007, when Kumari Mayawati was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in India stating that the rule of law would be her number one priority, people would be forgiven for not letting out a huge belly laugh. Why? Because when she was elected, at least 10 people in her 19-person cabinet had pending criminal cases involving a laundry list of crimes ranging from criminal conspiracy and intimidation to attempted murder. One of these politicians was Anand Sen Yadav.

Sen Yadav entered the Indian political arena back in 2002 when he successfully won an election in Milkipur, a constituency of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly covering the city of Milkipur in the Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh. After winning he found himself in a political environment where candidates with criminal records won 206 out of 403 seats, meaning that more criminals were elected than regular politicians.

As the son of Member of Parliament Mitra Sen Yadav, who at the time was being investigated in a human trafficking scam, Sen Yadav would follow in his father’s footsteps when he fought the 2007 Uttar Pradesh state assembly elections and take it to a whole new level. While he was trying to win that election he was hampered by one small thing. He was currently in jail facing a litany of charges ranging from extortion to murder.

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